Sale and return conditions

Webshop Gallery24 (hereafter the Webshop) owner is FIE Hando Henno (registry code 14363858), with the location Ristiku 15, Kuressaare.

 Sale agreement validity, goods and price information

Sale conditions will apply, when  buying any goods from the Webshop. The prices of the goods, which are for sale on the Webshop have been marked next to the goods. Postal fees will be added to the prices of goods. The postal fee depends on the location of buyer and on the way, in which the good will be sent. The postal fee will be shown to the buyer,  while drafting order. Information about goods is shown in the Webshop just next to goods.

 Drafting the order

To order any goods, it has to be added to cart. To draft the order, you must  fill required data fields and select the proper way for  transportation of good. After that, the total fee will be shown, which can be transferred by the bank link or by other paying solution.

Agreement  enters into force after the total fee for the good has been transferred to the bank account of the Webshop.

If the ordered good is not possible to send in condition of ending or other reason, the buyer will be informed on the first possibility and transferred payment will be returned promptly (including postal fee), but no later than 14 days from the time, when client was informed.

 Paying currency

Only euro (EUR) is accepted as a paying currency in the Webshop.


Goods will be sent worldwide.

Postal fees of the good will be payed by the buyer and the proper price information is shown next to the delivery way.

Deliveries to Estonia will be delivered to the target point in 3-7 workdays in general, beginning from the moment, when sale agreement enters into force. Out of Estonia the delivery takes up to 14 calendar days.

In some cases we have right to deliver goods during up to 45 calendar days.

Right of withdrawal

The buyer has the right to withdraw from agreement made in e-shop during 14 days after the arrival of the order (depending of goods, the buyer may not own the right of withdrawal, the proper goods and services must be counted in that case and they need to conform Estonian Law of Obligations Act  § 53 lg-s 4 counted conditions.)

Right of withdrawal does not apply, when the buyer is juridical person.

For the use of 14-days right of withdrawal, the ordered good must not be used in any other way, if necessary for conviction in substance, features or operation of the good in a way allowed for testing good in a physical shop.

If the good has been used for any other purposes if needed to confict in substance, features or operation of the good or it has any signs of using or depreciation, the Webshop has right to downgrade the returnable fee according to a decrease in goods value.

In order to return the good, the good withdrawal statement must be submitted and must be sent to e-post address during the 14 days from the delivery of the good.

The expenses of goods returning must be paid by buyer, excluding in case the reason of returning is the good, which is not fitting to the order (for example wrong good or good with a defect).

The buyer must return the good during 14 days after submitting the statement or submit an evidence that the good has been transferred to the goods drawer.

The Webshop will immediately return all fees which have been transferred from buyer according to the contract during 14 days from getting the withdrawal statement.

The Webshop may refuse from repayment until the object of contract has been delivered or the buyer has submitted evidence, that the good has been sent back - depending on which of them happens earlier.

If the buyer has expressly chosen different delivery method from most cheap usual delivery method, the Webshop does not have to repay fee, which exceeds the usual delivery cost.

The Webshop has right to withdraw from sale deal and reclaim the good from buyer, if the price of the good in the Webshop has been marked markable below the market price by mistake.

Complaint submittion right

The Webshop is responsible for non-compliance to contract conditions or for defect of good which has sold to buyer, which existed already at the delivery moment and which appears during two years from the goods delivery moment to the buyer. During first six months from that time we assume, that the defect was existing on the delivery time already.  The confutation of corresponding presumption is the duty of the Webshop.

In case of  defect occurrence the buyer has the right to contact to the Webshop by sending an e-mail to or by calling +372 56 603 286 during no later than 2 months.

The Webshop is not responsible for any defect, which is arosed after the delivery of the good to the buyer.

If the good, which has been bought from the Webshop, has any defects, for which the Webshop is responsible, the Webshop will repair or replace the defective good. If the repairment or replacement of the good is not possible, the Webshop will return all expenses related to sale agreement to the buyer.

The Webshop will answer to client's complaints by letter or in a form, which is playbackable by letter during 15 days.

 Direct marketing and personal data processing

The Webshop is using personal data submitted by the buyer (including name, phone number, e-mail address, bank details) only for processing orders and for sending the good to the buyer. The Webshop transmits personal data to delivery companies for the goods shipment.

The Webshop sends newsletters and offers to buyer's e-mail only if the buyer has expressed a wish, by submitting e-mail address on the webpage to get direct mail messages.

The buyer has the right to refuse from offers and newsletters at any time, by informing us by e-mail or by following instructions in the offers containing e-letter.

Solving disputes

If the buyer has complaints to the Webshop, these must be sent by e-mail to

If the buyer and the Webshop are not able to solve dispute by agreement, the buyer has an option to turn to Consumer Dispute Commission. Procedural conditions can be found and application can be submitted here. Consumer Dispute Commission has competence to solve disputes resulting from agreement between the buyer and the Webshop. Buyers complaint review in the commission is free of charge.

The buyer may turn to the platform solving consumer disputes of European Union.


In the contecst of Gallery24 the print is a colorful original  or reduced size copy from the original painting or drawing,  which is obtained as follows: original painting is photographed or scanned, the graphic file is transferred to the computer and from this file the image will be printed to a quality and long storable paper (not to an usual copy machine paper, but thicker) which is similar to the original painting and the print will be signed. All prints, which are for sale on this webpage is in A4 format (21x29,7 cm) and signed by the author. The print illustrating photo is compliant to the quality of the product - if the photo is a bit fuzzy, then the brint will be the same. The print in most cases is a bit darker than the illustrating photo. All product illustrating image are protected by watermark, which is missing from the final print, which will be sent to the client.